The following selfhosted services and other projects for friends and familys are setup and currently running. At least at the time of writing.

  • Chevereto
    • Picture hosting service like imgur. Setup currently only as use to share big screenshots easily on discord without getting the file size cap. Experimenting with cloud storage.
  • Drowning-Mind
    • Hugo powered Blog for a friend.
  • Freifunk
    • Some access points for Freifunk are running in the community “Düsseldorf” to support local ukrainian refugees.
  • Neko:Mata
    • Website for a german speaking Final Fantasy XIV guild. Made with Hugo & hugoplate (tailwindcss; hugo modules, npm …) as theme. Hosted on azure with manual publish
  • Okuri-Inu
    • German Roleplay location in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Made with Hugo to get some experience in a lightweight static site generator and CSS styling. Works with GitHub Workflow
  • PeerTube “ePingTube”
    • PeerToPeer video platform as alternative to YouTube. Highly experimental at the time. Could be abandoned after some months. Experimenting with cloud storage and fediverse.
  • Places of Eorzea
    • Hugo powered site as introduction for an ingame webcam styled 24/7 livestream. Running with nginx, restream and obs.
  • Pass
    • Password/message sharing service which is hosted locally without any cloud and/or third party connections.
  • RustDesk
    • Self hosted RustDesk server which can be freely used which relieves the public ones. Just simple copy-paste the following into the network settings of your RustDesk client(s): 9JSP3pmMxdjeyIGSrsUMYdUYvFTeoBFUpRTb4EUYQJDcVFWUlNzTxIkcEtmaHJiOikXZrJCLiIiOikGchJCLiIiOikXYsVmciwiI0VmbucmbpB3Yp52byR3YlxWZuMXYoRncl92YiojI0N3boJye

Following projects are put down but not before getting a good experience with them:

  • TeamSpeak 3 Server
    • Hosted and managed on a lightweight debian instance for friends and family. Got replaced by discord.


For fun, giggles ’n shit