Final Fantasy XIV (FC)

electronic Ping «eP»

est. 4.6.2023

We don’t have a clear vision yet what the Free Company should be in detail. At least have some information:

  • Server: Light
  • Datacenter: Lich
  • FC-House “Quickarrows”: The Lavender Beds (XX; Plot XX)
  • Main language: German
  • Second language: English

Currently ideas that could develop into more in the future:

  • Slight roleplaying. But only in small size (family like) and strictly casual. Will not be the main focus. So no explizit plot heavy stuff or lines that goes beyond the moon. Some RP-Plots already existing and could be played instantly. No in deep character customization needed. Even simple ones like “Let’s go explore a dungeon as rp characters”
  • Small social place where everyone should feel welcome and especially safe
  • Questing together. For anyone who enjoys questing and read them all along. Better together.
  • Gpose together. #NoMods but ReShade is okay. A place to learn new techniques, posing, lighting for more awesome screenshots!
  • Twitch streaming events for Places of Eorzea


For fun, giggles ’n shit