Small Minetest server with Subgame “Mintest_Game” in creative mode with a small amounts of mods.

If someone is griefing you: You can always call that person out on our discord or ingame chat and we are going to ban them. Don’t forget to bring proof.

Sound great! How can I play?

Just connect to pyke.electronicping.net:30120 or search for “electronicPing.net” in Minetest and start playing!

Server Info:

  • Always running on latest Minetest version if possible.
  • Subgame: Minetest_Game
  • Creative Gamemode
  • Server backup every 6 hours
  • World Backups can be downloaded soon(tm) for personal use
  • Realtime Map
  • Join via: pyke.electronicping.net:30120

Minetest realtime map

The map can be found here.


For fun, giggles ’n shit