Currently not online. Sorry!

The Minecraft server uses always the latest vanilla version of Minecraft (Java) version. No mods are installed or planned! So there won’t be much administration possible.

If someone is griefing you: You can always call that person out on our discord and we are going to ban them. Don’t forget to bring proof.

Sound great! How can I play?

Just add pyke.electronicping.net to your serverlist in minecraft and start playing!

Server Info:

  • Always running on latest Vanilla Minecraft version available.
  • Current difficult: Peaceful. Will be changed later.
  • Server backup every 6 hours
  • World Backups can be downloaded soon(tm) for personal use
  • Map refreshes every hour
  • Join via: pyke.electronicping.net

Minecraft Map

The always up to date map can be found here.


For fun, giggles ’n shit